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Low Fidelity Seizure


You never forget witnessing your first grand mal seizure, it is unmistakable. A life-like seizure is difficult to replicate with a manikin. High fidelity manikins are able to 'seize' but it appears to be more of a quiver. It can go unnoticed or subtle enough that participants ask what is happening.
This project uses simple materials readily available to create a more life-like seizure. This project could be a simple description to a small comparison trial.

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Massive Hemoptysis


True massive hemoptysis can be very challenging for airway management. Blood obstructs fiberoptic or video laryngoscopy. Direct laryngoscopy can be impossible and a surgical airway does not address the ongoing soilage of the lungs. There are a couple of proposed models for massive hemoptysis but they are inadequate for the challenges of lung isolation.
This project expands on our current model for hemoptysis using off-the-shelf electronics combined with 3D printed airway components for a life-like bloody airway situation.

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Sim Anesthetic Machine


A realistic environment is important for simulation education. Real anesthetic machines are frequently place in sim labs to help with realism. Unfortunately, these machines end up being more of a problem than anything. Non-anesthesia learners don't know how to use the machine, it is just for appearance. For anesthesia learners, it is usually a source of sim artifact and misleading information. The machines typically are not well maintained and have been taken out of clinical use. 
The machines have additional challenges for sim instructors. The settings and display of the machine are difficult to see from across a room. 
An ideal sim anesthetic machine would not introduce error to the sim, be easily used/seen and would be fully controlled remotely. Help design and build a sim anesthetic machine using tablet computers and Arduino microprocessor and accessories.

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