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Demonstrations and Critiques

This section is a mix of audio and video files. Demonstrations are meant to illustrate specific aspects of oral exam answering. Critiques will provide and exam answer example with critique as to what was good and what could be improved. 

DISCLAIMER- Content is my opinion!  I have a lot of experience to reflect upon but in the end, what I advocate and what actually happens may be different.

DISCLAIMER 2- The enemy of good is perfect. These demonstrations and critiques are not meant to be perfect examples. They are meant to provide ideas and direction.

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Demonstrations and Critiques: TeamMember

Bleeding tonsil with ischemia.


We will assume the question being presented is the second stem of a 3 part question. The first stem was a 57 year old man presenting 2 days postop with tonsillar bed bleeding following a UPP. After assessing the patient you discover that your patient has a BMI of 43 with a history of severe OSA. His bleeding is very brisk and he is holding his head over a basin to catch the blood. He described chest pressure on arrival and has classic inferior ischemic changes on his ECG. We will also assume that the patient has been fluid resuscitated and the surgeon is eager to start. The BNP is 110/70, HR is 90, SaO2 is 97% and the ST changes have improved but not completely gone. The question being asked is "How will you provide anesthesia?"

Demonstrations and Critiques: Text
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