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Zombie Hand Rising Out Of A Graveyard In Spooky Night

Zombie Apocalypse Program


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Emergency situations can be terrifying. Someone is dying and a room full of strangers need to work together to save the patient. It may seem like you have walked into a tornado of activity. Why did the patient arrest? Who are all the people in the room?  How can you be heard over the noise? All questions and no answer!

Crisis Resource Management (CRM) refers to the cognitive and interpersonal skills that promote effective teamwork in a crisis situation. The ideal way to learn these skills is when a real patients life is not on the line; in other words, using simulation.

Simulation can be terrifying! Many people would rather face a real code than going to a simulation center for training. They may fear making mistakes or think their knowledge is being tested. The Zombie Apocalypse Program (ZAPs) is designed to break down those barriers.

ZAPs is a simulation-based CRM program based on fictional physiology and a fun, light hearted setting that provides an environment to learn CRM skills. We provide a safe learning space to engage in a rich educational event that is both fun and but can improve patient safety.

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Another Pandemic

It has been a bad decade, a really bad decade. 2020 started with the Corona Virus Pandemic. Global health care systems were slammed with overcapacity, lack of ICU beds and personnel shortages. As we came out of the pandemic, it becomes apparent that 'holes' in the health care system have become gapping crevasses. 

Global warming has caused weather extremes never seen before. Scorching heat waves followed by flooding of epic proportions. Polar vortex after polar vortex cause freezing conditions in normally warm climates. Hurricane's routinely reaching the northern countries. There is no 'normal weather'. Coupled with the near non-existent health care, human kind has never seen such desperate times.

February 2022, Russia invades Ukraine causing the bloodiest war in a generation. Misery is the only way to describe the conditions on the front line. The world has to entertain World War 3 and the use of nuclear weapons. No one is safe from a potential mass extinction event of our own making. No one expected that Mother Nature had her own plans.

We don't understand what has happened but a second pandemic has begun. The hellish conditions in the Ukraine have been ripe for biologic mutations. Rotting bodies on the battlefield, human waste mixed with mud in the trenches, and the constant rumor's of the Russians using chemical agents have begun to cause more death than the war itself. Terrifying stories began to emerge of soldiers being sick with fever and chills suddenly began convulse in pain before attacking anyone close. Fortunately, these symptoms were the hallmark of the patients imminent death as they would rarely have enough strength to cause any real harm.

It has been told than in the coldest and dirtiest trenches in the Donetsk Region, a Ukrainian scout team found a forward Russian trench line completely abandoned, only a few scattered corpses. They radioed to command that they had cleared the trench but had also described a 'twiching' corpse. The rest of the platoon advanced but could not find the scout team. Soon, the platoon radioed that they had enemy contact. A fire fight started followed by complete radio silence. They called it the beginning of the cull

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