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Anesthesiology Oral Examination Section


This section has two areas, an oral examination preparation area and an oral examination data base. Both will be continuously edited and updated.
The preparation page will discuss oral exam question style, answer strategies and various tips/tricks to help candidates prepare for their Royal College Exams.
The second area will be an oral exam data base. These questions will be reviewed to assure they are similar to Royal College standard and difficulty. These questions have been written by faculty and reviewed by faculty. I believe this effort has significant value therefore to gain access to the question bank, potential users of the exam bank should contribute to the bank. If interested, please subscribe and request access.

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Oral Exam Preparation

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Oral Exam Bank

This is a developing anesthesia oral exam bank generated for Anesthesia Staff. The intent is to have a bank of quality oral exams available for educators to help candidates prepare for their exams. This page is password protected and only those who have contributed will have access.

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